Permanent Cosmetics

Experience the freedom & convenience of permanent cosmetics!

Charnae Scott

Owner/Micropigmentation Specialist since 2012

Beauty Ink, LLC is solely owned and operated by Charnae Scott who is very excited and always improving her skills as a permanent makeup artist. 

Licensed to tattoo in the state of Hawai'i and certified to perform micropigmentation by the Hawai'i Academy of Permanent Cosmetics. 

Charnae has a natural talent for makeup artistry and can easily apply that to permanent makeup.  Born and raised in O'ahu, HI, she is very happy to accommodate local women and anyone who is excited to experience the wonderful world of permanent cosmetics.  Charnae will take her time to inform women of micropigmentation, she is very patient, professional, and meticulous in working with each client to achieve the right look that each individual is looking for.  She is very passionate in helping women to ease their everyday busy lives, which permanent makeup can provide for you.  Anyone can benefit from permanent makeup; business women, stay at home moms, military women, cancer patients, and many more.  Imagine your daily routine in the morning being a lot easier and stress free, also think about the freedom that permanent cosmetics can give you. With the convenience of permanent makeup you can save a lot of time, money, and headache of having to put your makeup on every morning or reapply it throughout the day.  There will be no worries of makeup smearing, being seen without makeup on, doing physical activities, and much much more. This freedom for women is what drives Charnae to do the best she can and to continue to always further and better her career in 


At Beauty Ink, LLC, we are focused on providing Semi-Permanent & Permanent Makeup services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.